How did you get involved in making jewellery? 
I have always loved to create objects, and as I had a tendancy towards pieces that were small enough to be held and played with, my foundation course tutor suggested a jewellery degree. I love the luxurious materials and the idea of creating tiny treasures. I still create little unwearable objects just for fun, alongside my fine jewellery collection. 
Things I have done: 
I have exhibited in exhibitions across the UK and Europe, and sell to customers worldwide. I enjoy travelling and learning new things, so I always try to combine work with play. 
Things I do now: 
I am currently studying for a Masters degree, which is providing a solid theoretical background to go alongside my creative work. Much of my previous studies were practical, so this feels like a long overdue workout for my brain. 
My biggest achievement so far: 
Travelling solo is probably one of the best things I have ever done, 
and I still dream of jetting off to the jungle whenever things get quiet 
over here. 
In terms of jewellery, I have won First Prize at the Goldsmiths Craft
and Design Awards, First Prize at Walsh's Design and Craft Awards,
Gold Sponsorship from J Blundell & Sons and a Gem-A Diamond
scholarship. Most recently I was awarded a scholarship from the 
AHRC to complete my Masters degree course. 
Things I hope to achieve in the Future: 
I would love to have the experience of working for an international 
design consultancy, with creative people from all sectors of art &
design. I would also like to travel a bit more - I am hoping to combine 
the two! 
Three words that describe me are: 
Happy, curious and energetic. 
I am inspired by: 
New horizons and a sense of opportunity. 
My Favorite Jeweller is: 
Aahh, I have too many friends in the trade to answer that one! 
Check out my work at: 
Rebecca's Work...