Pass-it-along Part One

I am taking part in a project run by fellow jeweller Penny Akaster, involving 50 jewellers across the world. We will all start a piece of jewellery, then it gets passed on to someone else to change it, and then passed on to another jeweller to finish it. The final pieces will be exhibited.

It is a similar concept to projects I did on my MA with Ellen Monaghan; [link here] but on a much larger scale. So I was intrigued and excited to take part.

For my pieces the starting point I was given was "units". So after a brainstorming session I settled on creating a series of parts that could (or could not - up to the next jeweller) be linked together to form a chain.

[brainstorm image]

As it was, the final pieces came out slightly differently! I worked with metal I already had, which went towards altering the design somewhat, but even then once in my workshop the little pieces evolved into the following.

In fact these are pieces that I've had in my mind to make for a while! I think I will make some more after the project as little earrings :)

Thanks so much to Penny for organising this and to all the contributing jewellers. I will let you know what I receive in part two!