TV Stars on Wheels

Exciting News!

But first, I should confess to a delay in van-building proceedings! Over the past few weeks I have had a few set-backs. As I will be opening the finished workshop to the public, my travelling van needs to be completely safety checked & certified, so I had to rethink my idea of doing the full refit myself. I phoned around a few companies and eventually got chatting to Affordable Van Conversions who will doing a number of jobs including: fitting the solar panel, wiring inside the walls, fitting insulation, super-thick ply for the walls and fitting a ceiling and plug sockets, ensuring that all of these things comply with H&S regs.
Once it comes back from them I will be able to kit out the inside & build my workshop space.

Meanwhile….. :)

Today I had a visitor from a yet-to-be-revealed TV show come to interview me about the Van Project.
I don't know yet if they will definitely be using the footage, but if they do decide to go ahead they will be following me through to completion. A great way to promote the idea & get people booking!

It was so much fun to be explaining the project and walking through the space, describing how it will look.

Travelling Studio Part 1


So, those of you who know me will be aware that I have been jabbering on about this project for a while. But finally, cogs are in motion, balls are rolling, and things are generally on the move. The first of which being the van itself, as it travels up from its current home in Headley to the workshop it will be living in for the next few months...

 Here she is in all her glorious glory

PS I haven't driven in 2 years, so tackling the A2 should be fun….