Why Make?

On Wednesday 1st August I will be running a workshop exploring why we make. Makers and practitioners from all disciplines are invited to come and share their thoughts on the subject. Is making "good"? Why?
We will be 'making' the discussion; over the afternoon words and ideas will grow out from the walls and become built into structures collaboratively created by the participants. The idea is to create a tangible representation of the conversations that take place.

Location: Harts Lane Studios, 17 Harts Lane, New Cross Gate, London SE14 5UP
Time: Wednesday 1st August 12noon - 4pm (arrive 11.30am for intro and refreshments)
Contact: Rebecca on 07845642829 or email info@rebeccasteiner.co.uk
To bring: Bring whatever materials you feel comfortable working with and are happy to share. Other tools/objects/ideas all welcome. Basic materials will be provided.

The event will be filmed. This workshop is part of an ongoing research project into the making process. See more at www.hartslanestudios.org