Experimental carving day at the Institute of Making

On Saturday I spent a fun day learning to carve stone and a variety of other materials with the lovely people at the Institute of Making at UCL.

Below are some photos from the session:

I do love getting my hands on new tools

Look at that mallet!!

Tools and satisfyingly dusty sketchbook. We have been working hard:

things begin to take shape

The stone masterpieces created by the participants later in the day, whilst I got distracted by the Table of Unusual Materials...

lots of interesting things to carve: foam, chalk, cheese, chocolate, soap, carrots, wax, plaster and more...


not so much fun to carve, too squidgy

chalk is good

perhaps I can combine the two?

these colours look familiar... I can see where this is going...

A fried egg! Unfortunately chipped the chalk at the last moment from trying to force the 'yolk' into place, but oh well it was fun

A bit of dark chocolate, but running out of time now so quickly move on...

My favourite carving of the day... Mrs Carrot!

She gets thrown in the bin like everything else. It's been about 25years since I had to learn the hard lesson of having to break up my lego again after painstakingly building a house/car/magic roudabout , and yet I still find it difficult discarding things I have made.

Find out about other upcoming events at the institute of making here: http://www.instituteofmaking.org.uk/events