I've worked on many interesting commissions over the years, and am always happy to discuss new ideas!
See below for some examples:

Past events

As part of a website rebuild, I am today looking back at some great jewellery moments over the years, and trying to put them in order!…

Chatting excitedly after being presented with a Gold Award at the Worshipful Company of Goldsmiths

Me with one of the stunning models beautifully showcasing my jewellery at the London Jewellery Week launch

… and this is how tall we actually are!!

Five Gold Rings

'Tis the season of jewels and sparkle, where the dark days and long nights need a little bit of brightening up with signature jewellery.

To celebrate, a Five Gold Rings collection (actually one of them is silver) will be available for purchasing directly from my miniature online boutique from 10th December until 31st Jan 2017.

Rings are available in 18ct yellow gold, 9ct white gold and silver textured bands.


If you are interested in having a one-of-a-kind engagement ring made to your specifications, get in touch. Commissions take around 4 weeks, so orders placed before Christmas will be guaranteed for Valentines Day 2017.

New work on the way...

These pieces are being made ready for Christmas exhibitions in Cambridge and London.

Green Opal necklace with 18ct Gold details, double knotted on green silk

A selection of silver pieces; earrings, bracelet and ring. Available at Kate Hopwood Jewellery from November 2016

Full collection available at Byard Art from November 2016

For more information, view out Stockists page

Interested in commissioning a unique item of jewellery?

We take on all types of jewellery and silverware commissions, large or small.

Simply get in touch to discuss your ideas with us.

If it is needed, Rebecca will draw up a design of the piece, or create a rendering so that you can visualise your ideas coming to life.

We work on a system of mutual trust: 50% of the total is paid upfront and the final 50% is due on completion of the project.

Everything is handmade in our studio so please allow 4 weeks for a commissioned item. Having said that, if you need something urgently it is always worth asking; we can usually move things around and get things done faster (working late etc) if needed!

Pass-it-along Part One

I am taking part in a project run by fellow jeweller Penny Akaster, involving 50 jewellers across the world. We will all start a piece of jewellery, then it gets passed on to someone else to change it, and then passed on to another jeweller to finish it. The final pieces will be exhibited.

It is a similar concept to projects I did on my MA with Ellen Monaghan; [link here] but on a much larger scale. So I was intrigued and excited to take part.

For my pieces the starting point I was given was "units". So after a brainstorming session I settled on creating a series of parts that could (or could not - up to the next jeweller) be linked together to form a chain.

[brainstorm image]

As it was, the final pieces came out slightly differently! I worked with metal I already had, which went towards altering the design somewhat, but even then once in my workshop the little pieces evolved into the following.

In fact these are pieces that I've had in my mind to make for a while! I think I will make some more after the project as little earrings :)

Thanks so much to Penny for organising this and to all the contributing jewellers. I will let you know what I receive in part two!

TV Stars on Wheels

Exciting News!

But first, I should confess to a delay in van-building proceedings! Over the past few weeks I have had a few set-backs. As I will be opening the finished workshop to the public, my travelling van needs to be completely safety checked & certified, so I had to rethink my idea of doing the full refit myself. I phoned around a few companies and eventually got chatting to Affordable Van Conversions who will doing a number of jobs including: fitting the solar panel, wiring inside the walls, fitting insulation, super-thick ply for the walls and fitting a ceiling and plug sockets, ensuring that all of these things comply with H&S regs.
Once it comes back from them I will be able to kit out the inside & build my workshop space.

Meanwhile….. :)

Today I had a visitor from a yet-to-be-revealed TV show come to interview me about the Van Project.
I don't know yet if they will definitely be using the footage, but if they do decide to go ahead they will be following me through to completion. A great way to promote the idea & get people booking!

It was so much fun to be explaining the project and walking through the space, describing how it will look.